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Recent studies done in the United States report nearly 80% of all illnesses and diseases are directly related to lifestyle and are preventable. When you consider the significance of such a staggering figure, it is easy to understand how an investment in influencing the lifestyle choices of your company’s employees can greatly impact the overall health of your business. A Corporate Wellness Program is proven to increase the productivity and performance of your company. Goodyear Health Center is dedicated to understanding your business, assessing your risks, identifying your needs and improving the performance of your most valuable asset; Your employees.

Employee wellness programs are one of the best ways to prevent sickness and reduce overall health care costs. We can help your company reduce health related illnesses which are caused by obesity, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Organizations that implement such programs can decrease costs by increasing productivity and by reducing absences from work; the result is a discernibly boosted bottom line.

Taking good care of your employees’ diet and fitness needs will have a dramatic effect in lowering health care costs for your company. An assessment will be completed and a program designed including diet, exercise, stress management and nutrition advice based on your employees’ specific needs. Our clinical staff of doctors, massage therapists, personal trainers, acupuncturists, yoga and fitness instructors will schedule weekly holistic onsite services to accomplish these goals. We also provide nutritional and weight management seminars to teach your employees how to successfully combine a balanced diet with an exercise program to reach their goals.

We design custom tailored programs that enhance your company’s ability to recruit and retain personnel, decrease turnover and provide your staff with the knowledge, motivation, accountability and enthusiasm to adopt and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are not familiar with wellness discount programs, take a moment to discover how they work and learn about an affordable option.


With a wellness program, participating employees can save on weight loss programs, smoking cessation, vitamins/nutritional supplements, chiropractic and alternative health care. In addition to saving employees money, a $1 investment in wellness programs typically saves employers $3 in health care costs, according to the Wellness Council of America. Wellness programs can be offered as a voluntary benefit or funded by the employer.

Comprehensive health management programs start with the Health Risk Assessment and a biometric screening to assess risks. Your business will have a dedicated Wellness Coach and they will go over the results with each participant. They will then discuss and determine what each employee’s wellness concerns are and goals would be in order to understand exactly what they hope to gain from the program. In addition, the coach will ascertain how far participants from achieving your goals and design a progressive plan that will allow them to achieve results in a timeframe that works for them in your work environment and at home.

Your Wellness Coach can assist you with all areas of concern from beginning a dietary and fitness program to managing chronic illness and stress. They will provide you with an approach that is designed to motivate change and achieve the results you desire taking into consideration the strengths, weaknesses, objectives and aspirations of each client. Our coaches provide individualized plans to allow clients reach their goals in a manageable way instead of merely educating their clients on wellness topics.

Incentives offered to your employees help increase participation in health management programs. The incentives offered can be cash, free or reduced prices for merchandise, prizes for competitions, reductions in health care premiums or other out of pocket requirements, or in other ways.

Participation rates will vary based upon the services you decide to offer. Services can be provided onsite at your place of business including but not limited to educational seminars, massage therapy, acupuncture, personal training or fitness classes. If space is not available onsite or the services require specialized equipment not available, those services can be provided at our facility.

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