The Fusion Gym


Fusion Gym’s IN*Fused program is a high-energy 12-week workout cycle that “fuses” rehab and fitness in a fun and challenging yet strategic way.

Led by our certified coaches, classes focus on achieving measurable performance and strength goals through anaerobic and aerobic training. Activities range from functional full-body workouts to targeted training for specific muscle groups. Each class is different. Multiple types of classes are offered every day.

As a structured fitness program, IN*Fused helps you achieve your goals systematically, whether in performance, weight loss or even high-level training. Our program is similar to what an athlete undertakes at the beginning of the sports season. Typically athletes start with training, then progress to playing, and ultimately achieve the highest level of performance. Likewise, Fusion Gym participants work with certified coaches to achieve their own individual goals.

Fusion Gym classes thrive off a team atmosphere. Athletes set weekly targets, build camaraderie, and hold each other accountable to their goals in a positive, empowering atmosphere.

Training is offered multiple times a day, every day except Sundays. Visit our online schedule to register for group classes or personal training. We encourage you to join at any point during the 12-week cycle.

What makes Fusion Gym different?

1. Experience. Fusion Gym was developed by highly-trained chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers whose combined knowledge base of rehab, functional exercise, strength and conditioning is unique from any other gym.

2. Structured, progressive program. Fusion Gym staff know where they’re going. The team has a purpose for each workout to increase your performance systematically through 12-week cycles. Classes are personalized based on your goals—whether that’s getting bigger, faster and stronger, or just establishing an exercise routine for the first time.

3. Team approach. We work hard and play hard in an empowering atmosphere that celebrates individual and team accomplishments.

Who Joins Fusion Gym?

Lots of people! Your future teammates are:

  • Athletes looking for a supplement to their current training.
  • “Athletes-at-heart” who miss the structure of training, progressions and individual or group competition.
  • Individuals who have a tendency to injure themselves and desire a safe program that is challenging.
  • Individuals who want to get into a regular workout program but have little to no knowledge of where to begin.
  • Individuals who want to get off the couch and need a coach!

Prior to beginning your training, Fusion Gym highly recommends a 10-minute Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is designed to determine your level of training and create a baseline for your sessions. Testing can be scheduled with our FMS certified coaches at any time to determine progress and assist in advancing your level of fitness. The main purpose of the FMS is to seek out poor movement patterns so you can retrain the body to move in the most stable, efficient way possible to improve your ultimate PERFORMANCE!

Training levels will be determined by your FMS score:

  • Level 4 – score of 20-21 out of 21 with symmetry in all tests
  • Level 3 – score of 14-20 with no asymmetries
  • Level 2 – score of 7-14 no asymmetries and any score of 14-21 with asymmetries
  • Level 1 – score of 0-7 and 7-14 with asymmetries